Rabbi Cantor Menachem Toren Testimonials

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Carolyn and Mike

We feel so grateful and fortunate that a friend recommended Cantor Toren for our son's bris. Cantor Toren made it clear before, during, and after the event that he really cared about our child and our experience - checking in frequently and providing detailed information and instructions with compassion and warmth. What really sets Cantor Toren apart is how hard he works to emphasize that he understands the significance and emotion of this day - he took every step to ensure that our family felt prepared and supported throughout the experience. We can't wait to recommend Cantor Toren to friends and family in the future and feel so lucky for all that Cantor Toren did to help us create a special memory and day.

Erin & Evan Segerman

Cantor Toren was highly recommended by our Rabbi and I am so thankful we were able to have him lead our son’s bris. Throughout the entire process, he made sure we understood the significance of the ceremony and tradition as well as the medical procedure. The ceremony itself was beautiful and while it was held on Zoom due to the pandemic, Cantor Toren was able to include our family from a distance. Since the bris, he has made a point to follow-up to be sure our son healed properly and we understood proper post-care. Should we be blessed with another son, I would happily call Cantor Toren again.

Bari Epsein

We just had the one-year anniversary of our son’s Bris, and I realized I had never passed along the positive recommendation we have for Cantor Toren. He is an amazing Mohel, and the day was perfect. From the procedure itself to helping us choose a meaningful Hebrew name, Menachem was there every step of the way. This was pre-Covid, and even then, he was very proactive about about keeping germs and crowds away from the baby. And now, one year later, we have had no issues and look back fondly on this experience. Toda raba, Cantor Toren!

Geoffrey & Rotem

Choosing a Mohel is obviously something people take very seriously. Knowing that the health and well being of your newborn is in the hands of someone else, is disconcerting to say the least. It's impossible to say how much our anxiety and concern was reduced to practically nothing after a few "sessions" with Cantor Toren. From our initial conversation about the process, our culture, and his hygiene tactics, our feelings about the entire process changed and we became much more comfortable. Cantor Toren took more than enough time to speak with us, visit us, examine our son, make recommendations, and provide immense flexibility in scheduling his visits. (we were advised to wait an extra couple of days by our doctor). Additionally- this all happened right at the beginning of Covid. The Cantor took such care and precaution which was just very reassuring. Finally, his follow up could not have been more diligent in his effort to ensure that everything was healing correctly and that we were providing the right "medical" care. Now- 6 months later, we couldn't be happier with the result. Everything has healed correctly, looks as it should, and we are delighted to recommend Cantor Toren to anyone and everyone in need of his services. You will NOT find anyone more talented, more considerate, or more caring when entrusting your son in someone else's care.

Brian Krawitz

This is the second occasion we have had the privilege of relying on Cantor to perform such an important ritual. His level of professionalism, knowledge of the history, and care for our babies is unmatched. The way he is able to allow all of our guests to feel included and participate in the event separates him from the rest. The little touches and keepsakes are the icing on the cake. The cantor is in constant contact after to make sure our little babies are comfortable and healing properly. We can't say enough about our experiences and thank him for making these days a special memory for our family.

Hayley and Robert Foppiani

We are so lucky that friends recommended Cantor Toren. He was thoughtful, kind, professional, and took excellent care of our son. We spoke a few times before the ceremony and he carefully explained everything that was going to happen. Cantor Toren also checked in many times after to make sure our son was healing well. As new parents, he made a the day as easy and special as possible. We are very grateful.

Alyssa and Ben

Cantor Toren recently completed our second son’s bris and we can’t say enough good things about him. We first used him 3 years ago and found him to be extremely responsive and reliable from the start. On the day of the bris, he held such a meaningful ceremony that all our friends and family were raving about. You can tell he loves what he does, has passion for it, and genuinely cares. After the bris, he continues to stay in touch and make sure everything is okay. He becomes a trusted resource for you and the open line of communication is extremely important to feel after the procedure. We were so pleased, that we booked him immediately for our second son’s bris. This time around, it felt like family. We did a small, intimate, ceremony, and Cantor Toren fit right in. He explained why we do certain things and again, everyone raved about his compassion. We thank Cantor Toren for doing both our son’s bris ceremonies and can’t recommend him enough.

Assaf and Erica

Cantor Menachem Toren performed our son’s bris and we would not have entrusted this delicate responsibility to anyone else. Menachem brought a genuinely warm, gentle and reassuring spirit to the ceremony. He infused it with calm and song, grounding all our guests in the moment and showing utmost care and compassion for what was, naturally, a tense rite of passage for us as parents. His gingerly approach and humaneness are what made it memorable to us in every good way. We recommend the privilege. Thank you, Menachem.

Zach and Kristin 

Thank you, Cantor Toren for the expert care and thoughtfulness you brought to our son’s special day. Cantor Toren was recommended to us by two surgeons that my wife, a nurse anesthetist, works with. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Prior to my son’s birth, Cantor Toren was able to field a whole host of questions my wife and I had. He was responsive and helpful on on questions I had from a spiritual sense, to the ceremonial questions, down to the technical questions. On the day of, all were provided with a sense of comfort and confidence in Cantor Toren’s demeanor and words. For some, a bris can be a stressful situation, but Cantor Toren helped ensure a good vibe for the ceremony,and an expertly handled bris. We couldn’t recommend Cantor Toren enough.

Arielle and Robert

My wife and I highly recommend Cantor Toren. While Cantor Toren has been a trusted religious adviser to our families for decades, for both joyous and solemn occasions, his abilities as a Mohel rose above every expectation we had for a Mohel. The Brit Milah was for our second child (our first child is a girl), but we were still very nervous about the entire process. Cantor Toren was with us every single step of the way, even in the weeks after the ceremony. Cantor Toren takes care of your son as though he is family. He also takes what ever time you need (and those around you need) to be comfortable and excited for this important occasion. We feel very lucky that Cantor Toren is such a big part of our family and dutifully performed our son's bris.

Kelly and Ian

We had the pleasure of encountering Cantor Toren at the bris of our nephews (now 7, 6, and 4) and the bris of our friends’ son (now 2). Since we were impressed by the warmth and compassion he showed, we sought out Cantor Toren for the bris of our first son. Indeed, Cantor Toren was terrific; he was professional, personable, prepared, confident, experienced, and poignant throughout. The procedure went perfectly and our son is doing great. We really appreciated Cantor Toren’s time before and after the bris to provide us with detailed explanations of what to expect, how to handle follow up care, and checking in on our son’s well-being and development. We are glad we entrusted Cantor Toren with this important step in our son’s life and we highly recommend him.

Be and Shanah 

Cantor Toren made this day as stress-free as a bris possibly could be. He spent a significant amount of time days prior to our son’s bris preparing us for what we could expect, which provided us with a great deal of comfort and helped relieve our anxiety. Cantor Toren’s approach clearly demonstrates his compassionate approach. He is thoughtful, careful and insightful. After the bris our family could not stop talking about how wonderful our mohel performed. We were amazing with how relaxed he helped make us and our crowd. We are forever grateful.

Drs. Elisa and Michael 

I tasked my husband with the honor of finding a Mohel for our special day for our family and son and was overjoyed with his choice. Cantor Toren was recommended by a few people and after speaking with him we were sure he would be a great fit for us. Boy were we right! From the moment he came to the second he left he was very attentive and created an atmosphere of calmness and ceremony. He has a great voice and it was a beautiful service. After the bris he asked if our baby was comfortable and ensured us we could come to him with any concerns going forward. He called and texted as a follow up. We received so many compliments on the bris. We are thankful for Cantor Toren!

Dan and Morgan 

First, thank you Cantor Toren for making our son's bris so special. While a bris is a tough occasion, especially for first time parents like ourselves, Cantor Toren made us feel at ease throughout every step of the process - meeting us days before, all the way through following up many days after to ensure our son was healing nicely. Cantor Toren is meticulous, caring, and thorough. He did an excellent job on the actual procedure, and perhaps the most special part was the music and joy he brought to the ceremony. As many of these other testimonials call out, if you are searching for a mohel you have found the best one.

Dan and Randi 

Cantor Toren did such a wonderful job at our son's bris. He made it clear from the beginning that the baby's safety was his main priority, and his calm and professional demeanor made for a lovely ceremony. The fact that our son barely cried at all during the procedure speaks volumes to Cantor Toren's expertise in both handling the baby, as well as the nervous parents and grandparents taking part in the ritual. Cantor Torin treats every baby like his own son - evident by his constant follow-ups after the bris to make sure the parents have the post-care under control. We would highly recommend Cantor Toren to any parents seeking a mohel. Thank you, Cantor!

Jenna and Matthew 

Cantor Toren was the perfect mohel for us. From before the actual bris through the time period after the bris, his level of care was unparalleled. When he met with us prior to the bris, he explained everything thoroughly, as well as provided us the comfort we needed to leave something so important in his hands. The day of the bris went smoothly, and he was prepared with backup items that I forgot (like the right burp cloths). Cantor Toren led the ceremony with the most perfect blend of important rituals as well as personal touches. For example, he brought the most beautiful name certificate and a bottle of wine with our son's name on it for the family members to sign. These keepsakes are so special and we will treasure them forever. He was a leader amongst the people with whom we appointed honors, and it was easy for all of us to follow his command. After the bris, he remained in touch with us about proper care of the circumcision site. It healed perfectly and even our pediatrician is very pleased with the results! The most comforting thing was when Cantor Toren told us to "adopt [him] as an uncle." He made himself available to us by call or text whenever we needed him, no matter how big or small the question was. Without a doubt he is the best mohel around, and we highly recommend him without any hesitation!

Matt and Cynthia 

My wife and I wanted to express our deep gratitude to Cantor Toren. First, he performed the procedure expertly. Then, with his lovely singing voice and warmth, he infused our son's Brit Milah with joy and meaning. And finally, he took extraordinary care to ensure that our son was healing properly afterwards. We thank you, Cantor Toren, for making this experience so happy and memorable for our family.

Melissa and David 

Cantor Toren was amazing. I was completely overwhelmed by the process of having a bris that I only wanted it to be immediate family. Through a set of circumstances it was not going to be immediate family only, but Cantor Toren explained to me why this was going to be a good thing. He kept my fears at bay and explained the entire process from start to finish with us. He explained about the honors and the meaning behind each one, which allowed us to choose the people we felt were best for those roles. We had a lot of grandparent involvement and Cantor Toren made sure that everyone had a part and didn’t feel left out. He was with us from through every step of the way, before the bris, during and after. I cannot say enough good things about Cantor Toren and the care and love he will show you, your family, but most importantly your little boy.

Penina and Eli 

Choosing a Mohel can be a scary process that sometimes is rushed but from the first time we spoke with Cantor Toren we knew we made the right call. Cantor was recommended to us by a friend at our synogogue and they were raving about him to us. I have to tell you, even with all the raving they still did not do him justice. He made us feel incredibly comfortable throughout the entire process and did an AMAZING ceremony. We had family and friends calling us for days after saying how it was the best Bris they have ever been to. Something we didn’t expect was the amount of attention he gave us AFTER the bris. He would call and text to check up on us and make sure all was going well. If you are reading this you don’t need to look any further.

Elizabeth and Irwin 

Cantor Toren did a wonderful job at our son's bris. He made us feel very comfortable leading up to day, during the full service, and with aftercare. The service itself was warm, loving, and really special. From all our friends and family, we heard nothing but enthusiastic feedback about his service and that he was by far the best mohel they had ever seen. And of course, he executed flawlessly! Thank you Cantor Toren for such a meaningful (and worry-free) Brit Milah.

Donna & Brian 

Menachem did a brit milah for our first son Liam back in 2015, and now he did one for our second son, Jesse, more recently. Through all the roller coaster emotions of having a newborn, I can honestly say that having Menachem perform the bris was the best decision we could have made. Menachem made the experience as easy as possible, turning what is a stressful time into a beautiful celebration. His professionalism, and more importantly the way he truly cares about the experience, meant more to us than words could express. I cherish the mementos he gave afterwards, and would recommend him to anyone and everyone who was considering using his services. He is truly the best.

Heather and Seth 

We were given Cantor Toren's name by no fewer than five families who had used him for the Brit Milah of their sons. There is good reason for this. We were so happy to have Cantor Toren conduct the ceremony for our son. The ceremony was warm, heart felt, and joyous. The Cantor went out of his way to make sure that our family was looked after and went above and beyond to make sure that our son had the best care leading up to the bris and after. The Cantor will work with you to personalize the service for your family. What is most remarkable is that all of this is genuine. We are filled with thanks for his service during this special time.


We can not thank Cantor Toren enough. As first time parents it was incredibly important that we find a moyel who we not only trusted but also someone who did a thorough job for our son's circumcision and would facilitate a meaningful ceremony. From the moment we spoke with Menachem, we knew we found the right person. He instantaneously put us at ease from the first time we spoke on the phone and even more so when he came to visit us to meet in person prior to the bris. We appreciated that he wanted to know about my husband and I, about our son, and about our extended family. The day of the bris was no different. Cantor Toren was meticulous and led the most beautiful ceremony we have ever seen. From the singing, to the readings, to the actual circumcision, our son's bris was perfection. We also appreciated Menachem's follow-up post bris, continuing to guide us throughout the first week to ensure we knew how to properly care for our son and to ensure he was properly healing. Cantor Toren was a gem to find- we could not be happier with how our son's bris turned out and we are incredibly grateful to have found him.

Erica Pally 

Cantor Toren was wonderful! He went above and beyond in every aspect. Sitting in our home with us before the big day he got to know us and in return we were able to get to know him. His calming disposition is apparent from the moment you meet him. He treated our son like he was a member of his own family. He is professional, careful, genuine, and his ceremony was beautiful! I would highly recommend Canto Toren!

Sara and David 

We could not be happier that we chose Cantor Toren to perform our son's bris. He is very professional but also extremely warm and caring -- the perfect combination for such an event! He made sure we as parents felt completely comfortable not only during the event, but before and after too as he followed up several times after the ceremony to see how our son (and we) were doing. We felt he was taking the journey with us. He also performed a beautiful ceremony; several of our guests commented how wonderful he was. His explanation of the traditions made our guests feel connected and his beautiful voice brought many to tears. We highly recommend Cantor Toren!

Greg Posner 

Cantor Toren did a fantastic job with our son at his Brit Milah. You could tell his dedication to the procedure, by the calls before the event to learn more about our family and the calls afterward to ensure everything and everyone was doing alright. We are delighted we worked with Cantor Toren and that he was available to be a part of our sons Brit Milah.

Michelle and Alexander 

Cantor Toren came highly recommended to us when we were seeking a Mohel for our second son, Nathan's Bris. We were seeking a Mohel that would provide a more personalized caring experience. Cantor Toren asked us to consider him like an Uncle and that is exactly how he made us feel through his TLC and attention to details. The Bris ceremony was very special with singing and poems that catered to our Ashkenazi and Sephardic audience. We are very happy with the full experience.

Jacqueline and Josh 

Cantor Toren is one of a kind. He is a true professional, and goes beyond his professional responsibilities to ensure that the families that he serves are comfortable, physically and emotionally. He was meticulous and thoughtful during the entire brit milah process, from his initial consult to post-care instruction. Meni has a uniquely calming disposition, and creates an atmosphere of love and warmth during the ceremony. Finally, it is clear that Meni is passionate about his craft, and is committed to continued growth and learning to further develop his skill. We recommend Meni with total confidence.

Ben and Jen 

We were referred to Cantor Toren by a trusted friend after reading numerous other glowing recommendations on several local online bulletin boards. From our initial phone conversation several weeks before our son Caleb was born through his follow-up calls and texts after the Bris, we can't imagine finding a more caring and compassionate mohel. His counsel regarding delaying Caleb's bris for treatment of jaundice was extremely thoughtful and comforting. His attention to every last detail, including Caleb's (and our) comfort, was impeccable. We will treasure the commemorative naming certificate (with beautiful calligraphy) and bottle of wine forever. We highly recommend Cantor Toren and know you will have a similar experience.

Jill and Amit 

Cantor Toren performed both our son’s bris and my cousin’s son’s bris. Both events were special, loving, and warm. I was hesitant to have a bris at all, and I feel so lucky that we decided to have it in our home with Cantor Toren. Everyone said it was the best bris they’d ever been to because he created such a nice atmosphere. After the bris, he called us every day for almost a week to make sure we knew how to care for the wound. Plus, our pediatrician called the circumcision “perfect,” which made us feel so good. We feel blessed to know Cantor Toren, and we highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.


Cantor Toren was kind, thoughtful and completely committed to the well-being of our son and to the sanctity of the entire ceremony. He came to our house to meet with us before the event and thoroughly followed up with us afterwards. The ceremony was truly special and spiritual, and our baby remained largely comfortable and entirely safe the whole time. I would certainly ask Cantor Toren to officiate a future bris and highly recommend him to others.

Lindsay and Josh 

Cantor Toren was recommended by almost everyone we know, and we could not have been happier with our decision to have him perform our son's bris. His warmth and calm demeanor eased our nerves and we appreciated that he explained everything he was going to do in a detailed manner, so that we felt prepared for what was going to happen. The ceremony was beautiful and Cantor Toren made sure that the actual qcricumcision was quick and as painless as possible. Cantor Toren checked in with us every day for the first few days after the Bris to make sure that everything was ok and to review the aftercare procedures. And, when we were concerned about how the healing was going, he welcomed our calls and texts at any hour of the day or night (even on Shabbat). Thank you for making our son's first Jewish milestone so special!

Alisha and Michael 

We’ve been lucky to have Cantor Toren conduct the Brit Milah for both of our sons. Because of him, our family has had two joyous and meaningful ceremonies and both of our sons have had expertly conducted circumcisions with no medical or comfort issues. Cantor Toren deftly handles all aspects of a bris. He spoke with us several times before the day to make sure we were knowledgeable and confident about the ceremony itself and the proper follow-up care. On the day of the of, he arrived early to make sure the area was suitable for a safe procedure and to review everything with us as well as our parents who had important roles in the ceremony. When it was finally time, Cantor Toren created a warm environment and helped feel everyone at ease and happy to be there. His attentiveness continued in the days after as he called us several times to make sure all was well. We couldn’t have asked for better experiences for us or our sons.

Eliot and Meghan 

Cantor Toren was recommended to us by a close friend whose family has used him for years. We interviewed a number of other mohels but Menachem was by far the most warm, patient and knowledgeable. He met with us in advance and carefully explained everything we would need to know. For the brit he was perfect, giving great instruction to all the participants. He even offered to recite a special poem in honor of my father who passed away many years ago. He also made us a truly beautiful baby naming certificate, kippah and keepsake bottle of wine. And afterward he was very instructive and responsive regarding post-care. Having Menachem perform our brit was a blessing unto itself and my wife and I could not recommend him more highly.


I cannot recommend Cantor Toren enough, he is incredible. When my son was born, my wife and I wanted nothing but the best of everything for him. Being our first child, we were over joyed and excited about everything happening with him. The first big moment in his life was the Bris and we wanted to make sure it was memorable and that we used the right Mohel to perform the ceremony. We met with many people and when we came across Cantor Toren, we knew there was nobody else to welcome in to our home. He could not have done a better job, before the big day, during the ceremony, or after everything was done. We had many video chats with him and he explained everything we needed to do to get ready and really listened to what was important to us as well. He was very patient and kind and always available, no matter how many times we called or needed something, he was always willing to talk and help. He also really took the time to get to know us so it wasn't a "stranger" coming over to do just another Bris. During the actual ceremony, he really took his time to get everything right with the cut, using a special technique that was very impressive and not many other people can do. He showed us that our son's health and safety took priority over everything, while at the same time, he made everyone who attended feel comfortable and less nervous. He spent a lot of time with us going over post bris care, and again, always made himself available later that week to take our calls if we needed anything. Going above and beyond, he also made the day a little more special by creating wonderful keepsakes for us. He brought over a hand made kipa just for our son, a bottle of wine that everyone who was part of the ceremony got to write a message on and sign, as well as a beautiful scroll. The scroll was just so beautiful and special, we made it a centerpiece during the ceremony. Again, we are just all so impressed with the Cantor and would tell anybody and everybody that we could, that they need to make sure to have him perform their child's bris. It was such a special and unique experience, he truly becomes part of the family. I cannot say enough nice things about him and the ceremony that he helps create. Thank you.

Erik and Lauren (MD) 

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Cantor Toren. He came to our home beforehand, and put us immediately at ease. He discussed the procedure and the ceremony and the flow of the day, and examined our son so that he could anticipate if there might be any anatomical issues with the circumcision. As a two physician family (and one of us a pediatrician) we obviously wanted a mohel who was very skilled and very experienced with the procedure, able to perform it quickly and expertly. But as parents we also wanted someone tender and loving with our son. Cantor Toren was exceptional in both these respects. His genuine interest in making the experience of the bris joyful, meaningful and inclusive of was apparent to everyone present. As an interfaith family he also was able to explain the traditions in a way that helped our non-Jewish family members understand and appreciate the meaning and importance of this ceremony in our faith. (In fact, we received many comments on what a beautiful ceremony he performed.) Most importantly though, we felt completely comfortable putting our son in his care, knowing how seriously he took this role in our son's life, and our trust in him to perform the procedure well. Further, the gifts he brings are amazing; the wine bottle signed by family (including great-grandparents) will be so meaningful to him in the future, and the kip and certificate are beautiful. These items alone would be worth the fee of a mohel but the experience he provides is priceless. As physicians and parents we can unequivocally recommend him to any family with a new son. We cannot say enough about how grateful we are to Meni for both his skill and his heart, and making the day so special for our family.

Sandy and Jared 

Cantor Toren was recommended to us by practically every mom I know in the area. He met with us a few days before and went over every single detail of the ceremony. We were blown away by the level of detail, attention, and care that he puts into every Brit Milah. It is an emotional experience for new parents and Cantor Toren really put our minds and hearts at ease. On top of that, the ceremony itself was beautiful. We are so grateful and will recommend Cantor Toren to everyone in the area.

Jeremy and Elissa Marks

Cantor Toren did our son's bris on July 21st. Prior to the bris, Cantor Toren visited us in the hospital to talk with us and promised us that the safety of our son was his number one priority. At a time when your emotions are extremely volatile you're getting very little sleep, and everything is very unsettled, he made us feel like everything was going to be okay. On the day of the bris, he delivered on his promise and so much more. Cantor Toren was extremely professional, but also compassionate and understanding of our needs and concerns. It was an unforgettable day and it would not have been possible without him. We are so thankful for him and would absolutely recommend him to anybody in need of a Mohel.

K & B Kolsky 

Cantor Toren was recommended to us by our Rabbi. He visited with us in our home the day we came home from the hospital. He was so easy to talk to and felt like a part of the family right away. He loved our dogs and cat, which is important to us as they're part of our family. He examined our son and let us know a slight concern to ask of the doctor. Cantor Toren was very detailed in explaining the Brit Milah and the honor roles. The experience of the Brit Milah was so overwhelming with emotions of joy and love, thanks to Cantor Toren. He creates the most beautiful Brit Milah explaining to the guests why we do a Brit Milah and also involving the guests in the experience. He sang so beautifully and had everyone singing. Tears kept streaming down my face from the huge energy of love in the room. We are forever grateful to Cantor Toren for creating the most loving, beautiful Brit Milah for our son and our family. Saying Thank you to Cantor Toren does not seem enough as he gave us one of the most memorable experiences in our lives. He will be part of our family forever. (Oh, and he did such a good job the doctor said our sons penis will be healed by the end of the week and it is!).


There are no words to express my gratitude for the recent Bris you performed for my grandson. The ritual for a Jewish family can often be one of the most exciting but also one of the most stressful ceremonies as it is filled with mixed emotions. You want to make certain the child will be as comfortable as possible, the ceremony will be painless, the healing will be correct and if the cut will be accurate. All this while if course hoping the guests enjoy their day, the actual ceremony has signifance and joy and holds meaning for the family--can you imagine such a feat being accomplished by an individual??? Well I must say after having been through two of my son's bris and another grandson's this was the "ultimate " experience! Cantor Toren made every step of the Brus understandable to all our guests if every faith, provided wonderful singing, great faith and explained everything and provided us meticulous care and on top of that beautiful cherished keepsake gifts. I thank you for the care, the time and your expertise for a lasting beautiful experience.

Arielle and Oliver 

June 2, 2017 - For the past 2 years our family has used Cantor Toren as our mohel for my husband's conversion and for both of our sons brit milah's. Our immediate and extended family has complete and total trust in him. We have felt an immediate sense of holiness that radiates from him. He always takes his time to visit with your family first, explains the procedures to the fullest, gives written directions and completely devotes his mind and energy to the well being of you and your loved ones he is performing on. He is someone who we completely have faith and total trust in, and we highly recommend him to your family.


Cantor Toren did an amazing job for our son. The ceremony was beautiful, but more importantly we knew that our baby was safe and in good hands. He kept our son calm and happy, and the 3 pediatricians that have seen him since the Bris have all commented on how perfect his circumcision is. The naming scroll, kippah, and bottle of wine are beautiful and show some more of the Cantor's talents. I HIGHLY recommend Cantor Toren for anyone in need of a mohel!

Joshua and stacey 

Hi- I wanted to say that Menachem Toren did the most unbelievable job with the Bris for my son. I truly could not have asked for a more warm, personable, kind, gracious man to be apart of such a monumental day in my family and son's life. He put so much care and attention to myself and my wife and most importantly my son throughout this entire process leading up to the big day and during the actual Bris and procedure. He made myself and my wife feel at ease with the day as best we could knowing our little guy wad going to go through such a rough day. Everyone at our Bris commented how warm and kind he was and how much more special the whole day was because of Menachem. He also gave us the most special and personal gifts for our son Dylan that we will treasure forever. He really made this day unforgettable for my entire family and we really have him to thank for this. I highly recommend Cantor Toren to anyone looking for a qualified, personable, warm, kind Mohel to perform their son's Bris.

- Josh + Stacey

Micci and Lauren 

Cantor Toren exceeded our expectations in regards to Landon's bris, which was on January 26, 2017. He made my wife and I feel like Landon was in very capable, loving hands. Cantor Toren is very thorough in how he goes about this mitzvah. He took the time to speak with us via FaceTime days prior to the ceremony where explained in detail how he would conduct the ceremony. He answered all of our questions and prepared us for the bris. The ceremony itself was very special and personalized. The kippah, naming scroll, and bottle of wine were all beautiful. After the bris, Cantor Toren followed up with us for a week just to make sure Landon was doing well. Cantor Toren came highly recommended to us and we also highly recommend him to anyone in need of a mohel. He is kind, compassionate, and caring.

Erica and Jeff 

Cantor Toren performed our son's bris on February 22nd. He was caring, compassionate, and confident throughout the process. He met with us and our son in the hospital and was generous with his time afterward, making himself available to answer our questions via phone and text in the days before and after the bris. On the day of the bris, Cantor Toren was a calming presence in our house, helping everyone to feel welcome and included, and putting our son's comfort and safety above all other concerns. We had used Cantor Toren as the mohel at our older son's bris in 2014 and didn't have a second thought about calling him last week. We highly recommend that anyone who needs a mohel call Cantor Toren!

Mike and Jill 

We are beyond grateful and honored that Cantor Toren was able to perform our son Miles's bris. He came to our house to explain his ceremony and meet baby Miles's before the bris which reassured me that we picked the right mohel. Right from the start he was very attentive and accommodating and answered any questions we had before the bris. We had a very small ceremony in our home and Cantor Toren made it very special and inclusive of everyone in the ceremony. The care he had for our son before the procedure was nothing like I have seen before. So well prepared that our son did not even cry or budge. The beautiful touches with the wine bottle, kippah and the naming scroll will always remain in our lives as a great keepsake. Again, we would highly recommend Cantor Toren!

Rinat and Howie 

Cantor Toren came highly recommended to us by a friend. And now we are the ones highly recommending Cantor Toren. Cantor Toren performed our son's bris on January 15th. He came to our house to meet with us a few days prior to the bris and although We were still recovering from giving birth and adjusting to our newborn's schedule his visit was very welcomed and helped us tremendously in preparing for the day of the bris. The ceremony was well done and we were able to have the special people in our lives involved. The kipa, the wine and the naming scroll that Cantor Toren prepared are beautiful and are great keepsakes. The Cantor was also great at providing us with instructions on post bris care and was available if we had any questions. Everyone in attendance at the bris was impressed with the Cantor and we are very happy we chose him to perform our son's bris. The bris was performed well, Cantor Toren was prepared and he put us all at ease.

Shelley and Jason 

Cantor Toren performed our son Oliver's Bris on Jan 9,2017. He met with us in the hospital after Oliver was born which reassured us so much. He walked us through the ceremony and procedure and assured us he would be thinking about it all night leading up to the Bris and perform it as if it was on his own nephew. On the day of the Bris he led a wonderful service and included our whole family. He did an amazing job and the bottle of wine, kippah and certificate he brought were all beautiful. If you're looking for a Mohel look no further, Cantor Toren is terrific.

Adam and Rachel

We are so grateful to have had Cantor Toren as the mohel at our son's bris on October 09,2016. He explained the service beautifully and made everyone there feel relaxed and included. When it was over I asked him if had any others today. He told me "I only do one a day because I want that child to have my full attention and not be worrying about the time or my schedule." What a great answer. I knew immediately that we had made the right decision. Cantor Toren was so thoughtful in explaining to us how to care for our son over the next few days, and even called us every night to make sure we were comfortable or if we had any questions. We have been to the pediatrician since and everything looks excellent. We can't recommend him enough.

Miriam and Jonathan Lee 

We are so happy that we were able to have Cantor Toren perform our son's Bris on Friday. He made the event super inclusive and accessible for everyone involved as well as a beautiful, spiritual experience. The fact that he took the time to come to our home before the bris to meet us and our boy and talk us through what would happen and what to expect and need was very reassuring, as well as coming a little early to walk us and the grandfathers through the procedure. He has a great singing voice and a great manner and made everyone feel included. He made a point to show us how to care for our son afterwards and called later that same evening to check up on him and see how we, as parents, we're doing. We are so grateful for the amazing job he did and would recommend him to anyone in the area.

Steve and Erica 

We were delighted to have Cantor Toren as our mohel for the second time following the birth of our second son. What makes Cantor Toren so special is the care with which he prepares every detail of the bris. The ceremony was thoughtfully constructed to celebrate the birth of our child and bring our family together. He helped create a warm, stress-free environment to make it as easy as possible. We felt so safe and comforted as he prepared us before, during, and after the bris. We would highly recommend him!

Alexis and Peter Fishman 

We could not have been happier with having Cantor Toren performing our son's Brit Milah. We felt completely comfortable from the first time we met with him and knew he truly cared about our son. He went above and beyond and took the time to get to know us. After the ceremony many of our guests commented on how great the ceremony was, specifically the singing throughout the ceremony and how personal it felt. Cantor Toren made us feel comfortable in caring for our son before he left and checked in multiple times over the next week. We can't recommend him enough.

Doctors Laurie and Zach Sharon 

Cantor Toren performed our son's brit milah last week and we could not be happier how it turned out. The ceremony was touching, meaningful and personalized. We spoke with Cantor Toren both before and after the ceremony many times so we felt prepared and knew exactly what to expect. As two physician parents (myself a pediatrician), we knew our son was in the best hands medically speaking and he has healed perfectly. I can't say enough good things about the whole experience!

Becca and Robbie Cossin 

We are beyond grateful that Cantor Toren was the mohel at our son Max's bris last week. Two years ago, he was the mohel at our older son's bris and throughout our second pregnancy, we were hoping that if the baby was a boy, Cantor Toren would be available on the 8th day. Cantor Toren is spiritual and practical, diligent and compassionate, meticulous beyond belief and warm. From visiting us in the hospital to check out Max, to arriving early at the bris to rehearse, to follow up calls after the bris, it was evident how much Cantor Toren takes his job seriously. His deep singing voice comforted us as the ceremony began, and we knew we were in good hands. After the bris, our family received loads of compliments on Cantor Toren's beautiful ceremony. It means a lot to us that both of our boys now have the special kippot and naming scrolls that Cantor Toren made. We have already been to the pediatrician since the bris, and Max's pediatrician said that the circumcision looks excellent. Cantor Toren is everything and more that we could have hoped for in a mohel.

Jordan Rothberg 

We are so grateful that Cantor Toren performed our son’s bris. The Cantor immediately puts us at ease with his confidence in his skills and understanding that this is an amazing and sensitive experience for the parents. He paid amazing attention to detail with his ceremony and covered all aspects of the bris from start to finish. He ensured that the baby was healthy before performing the procedure and we cannot get over his tremendous follow up procedures, contacting us the same day after the ceremony, the day after the procedure, and the few days that followed. Many of our guests were taken a back with personal and warm the Cantor’s ceremony was; everyone left the bris complimenting the Cantor, asking us where we found him and if he travels. His customization of the wine bottle, kippah and naming scroll were above and beyond and are amazing mementoes for our family and son for his future. We cannot thank Cantor Toren enough for taking such amazing care of our son an (and us!) throughout the brit milah!

Lauren and Jeff 

We could not have been happier having Cantor Toren as the mohel for our son's bris. His attention to detail and high regard for the safety of our baby above everything else was extremely comforting, and Cantor Toren's compassion is evident in all conversations and interactions with him. We found the bris he led for our son to be informative and meaningful, and he did a great job making sure our son was safe while also minimizing our heightened nerves on such a big day. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking a warm, caring, and precise mohel, who made our son's bris memorable and special.

Dean Hoffman 

Cantor Toren performed our grandson's Brit Milah earlier today. He has also done both of our kid's Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and our daughter's wedding. We were originally supposed to have the Brit Milah on the 8th day, but our daughter became ill and landed in the hospital for 2 1/2 days. Menachem was very accommodating and flexible and regularly called and texted me to see how she was doing!! He sets you at ease immediately and was a true professional throughout the entire process! I couldn't give anyone a higher recommendation!!

Alicia and Ross 

Cantor Toren performed the brit milah for all three of our sons. He is caring and meticulous and takes his job very seriously, treating each child and family as if they were his own. Additionally, his ceremony is warm, meaningful, and inclusive of all those in attendance. The personalized kippah, certificate, and wine bottle (which he has family members sign) are very special keepsakes we will have forever. Not only did we speak with Cantor Toren eased our nerves by speaking with us several times before each bris as well as following up the evening and day after. We can't say enough good things and highly recommend him!

Danielle Klapper 

Menachem performed our son’s brit on May 26th. We were very stressed and nervous about the whole process as any overprotective new parents could be. However, Menachem completely put us as ease and exceeded our expectations, not only in performing such a beautiful and meaningful ceremony, but also by putting our baby’s health and our emotional well-being first among his concerns. He spoke to us over the phone daily following the brit to see how our baby was feeling, to remind us of the instructions for care, and to make sure to be available if we had any questions. I couldn’t have been happier with the guidance, care, service, and love we received from Menachem. The bris was beautiful, our baby was so calm and barely cried at all and was comforted so quickly, and he recovered so fast and now has a beautiful and healthy penis. Thank you Menachem. You are truly a caring person who puts love and understanding into everything you do. We will forever be linked to you in friendship because of your loving care you gave our son. We felt throughout the whole process, before/during/after, that we were in the care of someone who saw us and our baby as his own family who only wanted the best for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Eric Goldman 

Cantor Toren presided over our son's Brit Milah. He has a unique mix of professionalism, seriousness towards his task, charm and warmth. We felt instantly comfortable talking to him before and after our event and found him helpful and reassuring. We would recommend him to anyone who came asking. We are thankful he was referred to us.

Dave and Miriam 

Cantor Toren performed the brit milah of our son and he was caring, warm, knowledgeable and always available (even on Shabbat). People raved about him at the bris-- his personality, teaching and voice, and most importantly, he did a fine job with our son, checking in with us frequently both before and after (of his own initiative). I am definitely already recommending him to friends and colleagues.

Brian and Melissa 

Cantor Toren was incredible. He performed both our sons' Brit Milah. From his pre bris meeting, his thorough preparation during the Brit Milah and the compassionate follow up calls, Menachem was warm, professional and caring. His beautiful gifts to our sons to mark the occasion are wonderful. We cannot recommend Cantor Toren enough!

Rachel & Joshua 

Cantor Toren performed the Brit Milah for each of our sons, and we will be forever grateful to him for making each of those occasions beautiful, meaningful, and stress-free. He approaches each bris with a true sense of duty and care, mindful of the import of the occasion to the child, parents, family, and community as a whole. His warmth and kindness are tangible. Cantor Toren put us at ease and immediately felt like part of the family. Many of our friends and family commented as to how special, personal, and warm the ceremony was, thanks to Cantor Toren. He is always available, day and night, to answer questions or address concerns, and he even paid a home visit to make sure our son was healing well on the day after his bris. We have never encountered any complications. I would not hesitate to recommend Cantor Toren! He is one of a kind!

LIsa Kraft 

Cantor Toren performed the Brit Milah of our first son on January 30th. I was especially put at ease by the Cantor's pre-Milah visit. I really appreciated meeting him prior to the ceremony and he put our minds at ease by explaining the entire process. The day of the ceremony, the Cantor was warm and professional and clearly takes his role in our sons life very seriously - exactly what you want from a mohel! The gifts that the Cantor brings the family are extremely special and will have a place of honor in our home. The follow up phone calls were also very helpful in keeping our mind at ease while caring for our newborn. In short, Cantor Menachem was the perfect person to perform this mitzvah for our son and our entire family. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a Mohel.

Yuval and Sarah 

Cantor Toren was our Mohel for both of our boys. The Bris can be an emotional and stressful time for parents. Cantor Toren is the consummate professional. He takes his job very seriously. His focus is on the safety and health of the baby boy. He came to our house a few days before the Bris, examined our son and explained the ceremony and procedure. The day of went perfectly. We love that he mixed in sepharadic and ashkenazi traditions into the Bris. We also added some of our family tradition into the Bris. Cantor Toren followed called us to check in on our son both the evening after the Bris and the next day. We won't use any other Mohel. Cantor Toren is great.

Arielle and Jason 

Forget the rest, Cantor Toren is the best!! We were blessed with our second son last week and there was not a question in our minds who we would use for this most important occasion. Cantor Toren performed the Brit Millah for our first son as well. There is nobody more professional, caring, and kinder than Menachem. His demeanor pre, during, and post Millah is so calming and reassuring that it helped put our minds at ease. Not to mention, the service was enjoyable to all in attendance. He was careful to explain each step along the way so that even first timers understood what and why everything happened. Most important (other than the actual Millah), is that Cantor Toren is available for any questions pre or post. He calls you a number of times to make sure you don't have any questions or concerns. He keeps his cell "on his pillow" so that you can call him at any time if you have a concern. We have zero hesitation recommending Cantor Toren to anyone!!!

Jaryd and Erica 

Cantor Toren is absolutely wonderful! He was so warm and personable throughout this whole process. He was also extremely professional, making sure that we understood and felt prepared for everything that would take place during the actual Bris and through his after-care. He did an excellent job during the ceremony. Our son cried very briefly during the procedure, calmed down almost immediately afterwards and then continued to heal perfectly. We love the beautiful and personalized scroll and kippah that he made for our son. We feel very lucky to have worked with Cantor Toren and truly cannot recommend him enough!

Sara & Drew 

We cannot thank Cantor Toren for a more perfect and amazing experience for our first bris. He explained everything and made everyone feel comfortable and made the event memorable. He followed up with us multiple times after, which was extremely comforting. He was so great that he will be officiating at my brothers upcoming wedding! We will definitely have Cantor Toren do our next bris if we have another boy and will be recommending him to all of my friends and family members. Thank you again Menachem!

Becky & Sam Kaushansky 

It does not get better than Cantor Toren! He has a calming energy about him that is critical on a day as important (and sometimes stressful) the Bris. He leads a beautiful service that is engaging while being both modern and traditional at the same time. The health and safety of our son was of the utmost importance at all time - something he stressed from the very beginning. He speaks with you numerous times in advance of the Bris and follows up several times afterwards. He is top notch and you would be LUCKY to have him as your mohel.

Adrianne an Daniel 

How does one pick a Mohel for their first son? The names coming flying in and all say theirs was the best! Well there is no doubt in our minds that we made the best choice for our son and our family. Cantor Toren was impressive from the first phone call. He took into account our family traditions, the importance of this rite of passage, but more importantly, at all times his focused remained on the health and wellbeing of our son. He is warm, caring and tender. He takes into account the impact the procedure may have on new parents and always makes you feel like your baby is in the best of hands. After the procedure he continued to follow-up to make sure our baby was doing well and healing as expected. He is the perfect balance between traditionalism and what a modern family would want from their Mohel.


Similar to all others that have posted about Cantor Menachem Toren; my wife an I thought he was terrific. He was kind and caring the day of the bris and extremely professional in the days before and after the ceremony. As a physician I was also impressed by his technical skill and caution during the procedure. I write this as a "thank you" to him. He helped make the day special and we will be forever grateful.

Ellen S. 

We had a wonderful experience with Cantor Toren, starting with the fact that he came to our house before the bris to meet with us—I don't know of other mohels who do that. He is very warm and made us feel comfortable about the bris. He did a beautiful, meaningful ceremony, and tried to keep me calm (even though I wasn't). And as others have noted, he was wonderful about following up to make sure we know about both short- and long-term care. Also, he is a Renaissance man! He brought handmade chocolates when he visited. And he gave us a beautiful keepsake scroll as well, along with a kippah with our son's name. Most importantly, he did a great job with the baby—our son was quickly back to his usual self and the healing went smoothly. Cantor Toren is all-around wonderful.

Ariel and Wolf 

Cantor Toren was terrific, start to finish and after the bris. We have two daughters, and with the birth of our first son, we wanted to work with someone who knew how important the bris would be for us personally; we also wanted to work with a professional who understood the import of the moment not only for us as Jews, but for us as parents to a newborn, for whom top medical care was essential. Cantor Toren was outstanding. He met with us in our home before the bris to walk us through the procedure-- immediately, we appreciated his warmth, humor, and kindness. At the bris, he was equally wonderful. Most importantly, after the bris, Cantor Toren was accessible to us via text and phone with questions about follow-up care; I really felt there was no question too small to ask, and Cantor Toren felt the same way and was eager to help. Really, he is the best! Would work with him a million times over and over again-- he brought such joy and kindness to our home, and I will forever be grateful to him for how special and meaningful our bris was because of his work.

Lisa & Laurence 

We are so happy that we had Cantor Toren perform the Brit Milah of our son. His consideration, kindness, love, and attention to detail is what gave us the confidence that he was the right Mohel for us. It is with the highest praise that I speak of Menachem and recommend his as the appointee for your child's Brit Milah. Everyone at our Simcha raved about the ceremony and how professional Mechachem was. He was so helpful before, during, and after the bris which made us calm for the whole process and gave us peace of mind.

Erica and Matt 

We cannot say enough kind words about Cantor Toren. He presided over the bris's of both of our sons in 2012 and 2015. He is clearly an extremely caring person. He was there for us before, during and after the bris. In addition to being kind enough to visit with us in the hospital before the bris, he followed up with both phone calls and texts afterwards. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a warm and caring mohel. We also cannot tell you how many compliments we received from all of our guests.

Stephanie and Ben 

With supreme confidence, I give Cantor Menachem Toren my highest recommendation. He has performed the circumcision for my two boys, Henry and Louis. His attention to detail and meticulous manner immediately put me at ease. On a day that is such a blessing, but can be filled with anxiety and stress related to the procedure, I felt none of that. Not only were his procedural skills top notch the actual ceremony was beautiful too. A guest at our bris remarked, “ This is the best service at a bris that I have ever witnessed”. I could not have asked for a more positive and joyful experience. I would look no further for a Mohel. He’s the best.

Jon and Renee 

What is truly remarkable about Cantor Toren is that he makes you feel that he is part of your family and that he cares about your son as if he was his own. He is a warm, dedicated, and meticulous professional. Each step of the way he ensured that we understood what to expect and that our son received the finest care. The ceremony he conducts is filled with joy, emotion, and love. We recommend him to all.

Tamra and Ron 

Cantor Toren performed the bris for both of our sons - in 2013 and 2015. We can't say enough great things about him. He has the rare combination of warmth, precision/expertise and Jewish meaning/musical talents. Our extended family all raved about him after both events. Another noteworthy item about Cantor Toren is that he drove through snow both times and made it with plenty of time to spare. The fact that he is so conscientious before, during and after the bris gave us great confidence and peace of mind.

Brooke & Joey 

Cantor Toren has performed both our Brit Milahs. Menachem’s attentiveness, consideration, love and kindness are what attracted us initially. His extreme precision and care (both before the event as well as for days after) are what made choosing him for our second son a no-brainer. It is with the highest praise that I speak of Cantor Toren and recommend him as the appointee for your child’s Brit Milah. In addition to all of the above, our secular guests continue to compliment us on the warmth and connection they had with Cantor Toren.

Hallie and Jeff 

We cannot recommend Cantor Toren highly enough. Earlier today we had the pleasure of seeing him preside over our nephew's bris, making it the SIXTH time he has performed a bris for someone in our extended family, including, of course, our own two sons. Cantor Toren is extremely attentive to detail, engages in extensive preparation and follow-up, and officiates over a very beautiful and spiritual service to boot. This is not a mohel that meets the baby for the first time just 15 minutes prior to the circumcision. The best proof I can offer that Cantor Toren is a very special mohel is the fact that, as mentioned above, not only did he preside over the brises of both of our sons, but that our siblings have all used him at the brises of their sons as well. We would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for a wonderful mohel.

Arielle Koops 

This is the second time we have used Cantor Toren. Each time we saw him he showed kindness, concern and devotion to our family from the moment we contacted him. He visited us in the hospital shortly after our son was born. He took his time as he examined our son and patiently guided us through the Brit Milah ritual and naming ceremony. He reassured us that he intended to make the procedure as quick and gentle to the baby as possible, and we were very impressed with his extreme sensitivity to our son’s well-being during and after the ceremony. The ceremony was lovely, joyful and moving and as it began, we were at ease and had great confidence in Cantor Toren that everything would be done with the utmost perfection, and it was. Our guests commented how beautiful the ceremony was, and to commemorate this day, Cantor Toren presented us with beautiful keepsakes that honored this milestone in our lives. We highly recommend him to all!!!!!!

Michele and Spencer 

I can not express just how wonderful and at ease Canter Toren made us feel during one of the most special times in our families lives. I have now used Canter Toren twice and I only wish I knew him when our eldest son was born. Canter Toren is professional, thorough, kind, gentle and above all a warm caring person who treated my sons as if they were his own. I highly recommend him to all!!!

Becca and Robbie 

For our son's bris, we wanted a mohel who could perform an excellent circumcision, who was extremely vigilant and compassionate, and who would lead a ceremony that we felt comfortable with as liberal jews. We found all of these things and more in Cantor Toren. We are so grateful that he was available to guide us through such a significant event. We were impressed from the start with the care and concern that Cantor Toren showed for our son and are thankful for his warmth and thoroughness, which calmed us down on such an emotional day. Cantor Toren's charismatic personality and powerful voice made the ceremony beautiful. Cantor Toren was more than we could have hoped for.

Annika & Jordan 

Cantor Toren went above and beyond for our son's Brit Milah. He told us he would treat our little Jacob as if he were his own and he stuck to his word. Our guests all commented at what a beautiful service he led. When it came time to explaining the procedure and post care he was so very thorough. Cantor Toren followed up that very same day with a phone call and even the day after. He comes highly recommended and we feel so blessed to have had him lead such a meaningful day. The beautiful scroll, kippah and personalized bottle of wine are all wonderful reminders of this milestone in our lives.

David and Allie 

Cantor Toren, did a wonderful job prosiding over our son's Brit Milah. He was very good with the baby, as well as making everyone in the room comfortable, especially the sandik and my wife and I. The ceremony was uplifting, quick, and very enjoyable. You can tell that Menachem truly cares about the baby and the family, it shows in his preparation and attention to detail. He gave us good care instructions, and followed up with us the next couple of days after the bris. The naming scroll is beautiful and the bottle of wine is on display. Our pediatrician said that the circumcision looks great. We couldn't be happier with the entire experience. We would recommend Cantor Toren for anyone in need of a mohel.

Sarah and Shane 

We were so happy with Cantor Toren in every way. We loved that he took the time to come meet our son Jackson before the Bris and was very thorough in explaining what to expect and how to prepare. The day of the Bris he was extremely professional yet brought a special something to the ceremony. He made the Bris a celebratory and happy occasion through song and prayer which really helped to alleviate our nerves as first time parents! He added personal touches as well. After the Bris he followed up with us with phone calls the day of and the following two days. He was always sure to explain what to expect and the proper care. We always found it very special that he made us beautiful gifts by hand including a lovely naming scroll we now have hanging on our wall. We would highly recommend him to all!

Lauren and Akiva 

Cantor Toren was exceptional in every aspect related to the bris. From the preparation, to the procedure, to the after care, he patiently walked us through everything in a comforting way. We were also moved to receive a personalized kippah and bottle of wine on the special day. Cantor Toren is thoughtful, considerate, and careful. We would recommend him to our family and friends!

Elyse and David 

My entire family was so happy with our son's bris. Cantor Toren was extremely thorough, scheduling time to talk to us and walk us through the ceremony the days leading up to his bris and following the bris. He made the bris a beautiful ceremony leading our family and friends in singing and celebration. And, he made a gorgeous scroll and kippah for our little guy which we have hanging in his nursery. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family.

Russ & Julie 

Cantor Toren was the perfect mohel. From our first conversation, he showed himself to be professional and kind, and carefully went through both the process of Brit Milah, as well as his approach to everything. On the day of the bris, his reception was warm, and the conversation was easy and instructive. When the ceremony began, he led our family and friends with ease, and the celebration was wonderful. It has been over a week, and I am still getting comments from guests who enjoyed the experience led by Cantor Toren. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much!

Shyella & Amit 

From start to finish, our Bris experience with Menachem exceeded our expectations. He was the Mohel for my OB/GYN’s son’s Bris & she highly recommended him. Since she also performs circumcisions & knows how it should be done, a recommendation from her gave me peace of mind from the beginning. He came to our home especially to meet with us to discuss the ceremony & inspect the baby. We really liked his philosophy that the safety & tranquility of the baby is his first priority & he takes specific measures to ensure this. He was very clear about what he needed set up on the day of the event & what we needed to buy to take care of our baby afterwards. On the day of the Bris he came early to set up and my father the Sandak noticed the extra precautions Menachem took to ensure the sterility of the table & instruments. He also observed our baby to confirm he was ready & let my dad practice the exact way he was supposed to hold him. During the ceremony Menachem’s impressive voice led our family & friends in song. He conducted a meaningful ceremony with explanations on the traditions so that even our non-Jewish friends understood the importance of the Bris. At the conclusion of the ceremony Menachem stayed with us to verify that we were caring for our baby properly since the many guests and excitement of the day could be distracting. He made sure that he had our undivided attention when going over the after care instructions & followed up with a phone call the next day. We could tell that Menachem genuinely cared that every little detail would be perfect on the day of the Bris, and in fact it was. Menachem also happens to be a very talented calligrapher, & although the ceremony & procedure were the most important to us, the way he uses his talent to include 3 lovely personalized gifts was really a nice touch. We would recommend Menachem without reservation as a Mohel & would use his services again if more boys are in our future.

Steve and Erica 

Cantor Toren made the brit milah a wonderful event for our family. He made us feel comfortable by explaining clearly what to expect before, during, and after the circumcision. My brother commented how focused and careful he was during the procedure itself, and our pediatrician commented that he did an excellent job! The ceremony was beautiful with Cantor Toren's incorporation of singing and explanations of the meaning and importance of the brit milah. We couldn't have asked for a more gentle, kind, spiritual, sincere, and technically skilled mohel. He called us later that day and several times over the following days to check in and explain post-care. We were touched by the gifts he brought for our son, including a naming scroll, kippah, and bottle of wine with our son's name on the label. Without reservation, we would highly recommend Cantor Toren!

Daniel and Elizabeth 

As many of the previous posters have commented, Cantor Toren was exceptional. To first comment on the technical aspect of the bris: my husband and I are Doctors and have high standards to both the surgical technique and sterility of the procedure. Cantor Toren was exceedingly careful and executed the procedure flawlessly. Our dining room table was transformed into a mini surgical suite. Secondly, the spiritual aspects of the bris will truly be unforgettable. Cantor Toren prepared a beautiful ceremony, and came bearing personalized treasures to commemorate this very special occasion. Lastly, the level of genuine commitment exhibited by Cantor Toren was phenomenal. He called numerous times from the night after the bris and the days following to ensure things were going well, which put us at ease. Overall, we give our highest recommendation for Cantor Toren!

Hope and Dave 

We were so pleased with our son's bris. Cantor Menachem Toren turned a potentially clinical and scary procedure into a warm, safe and meaningful experience. He made us feel so comfortable before, during and after. We greatly appreciated the effort to understand what type of ceremony we hoped for. He was incredibly prepared and professional during the event. Afterwards, we spoke many times about how our son was healing. We felt so relieved to have someone proactively checking up on us. Also, reassured that we could call with any questions and concerns. I would highly, highly recommend Cantor Menachem Toren to friends and family in the future.

Jeremy Sporn 

Cantor Toren did an excellent job with the bris of our son. He was highly professional and thorough, and the event went smoothly. The first week is a difficult time, and it's nice to know that you can count on Cantor Toren to do an outstanding job.

Ryan and Nitza 

Cantor Toren came recommended by friends and every word was absolutely true. He was kind and cared as if it were his own son. He took the time before and after to go over care and called several times to check up on our son. He has made it clear that he is always available for questions. He was accommodating to our non conventional family needs and was able to include a non Jew and homosexual couple that are very close to us. We couldn't have asked for a more caring and available mohel. The naming scroll, kippah and bottle of wine touched everyone and shows the care and attention he has for each. We would recommend him to anyone.

Natalie and Matthew 

Cantor Menachem Toren was the perfect choice for our son's bris. His attention, care and warmth is unmatched. He met with us a couple of days prior to the bris to answer questions, explain the ceremony and the post care which was very helpful. He came early the day of the bris to see how we were doing, make sure our son was ok and ease our nerves. His ceremony was lovely and heartfelt. He was gentle and his words were kind and special. Our guests were also very impressed by him and thought he was one of the best they have seen. In addition to the above mentioned, Cantor Toren also presented our son with some very special gifts which we will cherish forever. His followup was something that truly impressed me and I have never witnessed with any other mohel. Cantor Toren stayed after the bris to speak with us about post care, called us that evening to check in and then again the following day. Cantor Toren came as a recommendation to me and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in the future. He made this day very special and unforgettable.

Rena and Matt

Cantor Toren provided a beautiful and meaningful experience as our son's mohel. He visited our home days before the ceremony, walked us through the details with care and focus, and made us feel comfortable with his clear planning (and followed up several times with post-circumcision care). He led a very spiritual brit milah and provided a number of wonderful keepsakes that we will treasure as a reminder of the day our son was brought into the covenant. We highly recommend Cantor Toren!

Sharon and Fabio, Parents of Ilan 

We cannot share enough praise and gratitide for Cantor Menachem and the exceptional way he supported us through the bris. We were in touch before the big day and he spent time carefully reviewing what we'd need to have for the ceremony, what to expect before/during/after the bris, etc. On the day of the bris, we were very emotional and Cantor Toren went with us into a private room and, with utmost compassion, reassured us that everything was going to be OK. There were several things that were really outstanding about Cantor Toren's approach: as Master of Ceremonies, he clearly articulated what he was doing, why he was doing it and what it meant; he did an amazing job at engaging everyone in the room to join in singing "Shalom Aleichem" as he performed the ceremony which really enriched the experience for all present and calmed me and my husband as the circumcision took place; he did not leave until we understood and felt comfortable with the post-surgical care and even called to check in a few times during the days that followed. He also presented our son with some very special gifts (kippah, bottle of wine and naming scroll) which really touched us and everyone at the bris. Several people commented that they had never seen a mohel present the new parents and baby with such sentimental gifts. We felt very special and knew that Cantor Toren was not just another mohel. He truly cares about creating an deeply spiritual and communal experience while supporting the family 120%.

Robyn and Joshua 

Cantor Menachem Toren could not have made our son's bris any more special than he did. He welcomed us with warm, kind and genuine words that put us all at ease during an emotional but special day in our lives. He was so gentle with our baby boy as well as with my family and with his words. We have been receiving many phone calls since the bris and everyone keeps telling us how they were blown away by the professionalism, sincerity and tact of the mohel. Cantor Menachem Toren made sure that everything went as smoothly as possible, and our little bundle of love handled the procedure very well. He was extremely thorough in his explanation about the process, as well as the care for our son once we came home. Cantor Menachem Toren made a few gifts for our growing family that were so beautiful, so that was just a special extra bonus. I would recommend Cantor Menachem Toren to anyone who is looking for a sweet, genuine and gentle mohel for their son's bris. I will make sure to use him for any bris in our family's future.